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Thank you for visiting the donation page of the Murid Islamic Community in America, Inc. MICA is a not-for-profit organization that is registered in the United States as  a 501 c (3) organization.

We currently have several ongoing projects and rely on the support and willful giving of members of our community, Muslims and the general community. We invite you to make a donation which will be used towards the completion of our IMG_1380ongoing projects and as a 501 c (3) organization, all your donations to us will be tax deductible.

For the safety of our Members and visitors to our website, we have encrypted all communications sent across our website through SSL encryption. Also, all donations are processed through the secure platform provided by PayPal.

To make a donation, simply enter the amount you would like to donate into the donation field below and click the “Donate” button. Upon submission, you will be redirected to our PayPal processing page where you may input your credit or debit card information. You will also be given the chance to review your donation before it is finally submitted for processing.