[feature_headline type=”center” level=”h4″ looks_like=”h4″ id=”” class=”” style=””]Our Mission is to spread the teachings of Shaykh Ahmadu Bamba in accordance with the Quran and the Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.S).[/feature_headline][line id=”” class=”” style=””][dropcap]M[/dropcap]urid Islamic Community in America (MICA) is a not for profit organization 501 c (3). The organization aims to spread the teachings of Shaykh Ahmadu Bamba in accordance with the Quran and the Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.S). Mica was implemented 27 years ago in 1989 thanks to the good auspices of the late Sheik Mourtada Mbacke ibn Shaykh Ahmadu Bamba.

Our organization’s main goals are:

  1. Promote and spread the message of Shaykh Ahmadu Bamba (R.A) in accordance with the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS).
  2. Unite all Murids in the United States under the umbrella of brotherhood to preserve and spread the teachings of Shaykh Ahmadu Bamba and to promote the expansion of Islam.
  3. Develop a solidarity network.
  4. Help the poor and the needy.
  5. Promote the acquisition of Murid Islamic Community Centers throughout North America
  6. Enhance the Community base in New York and surroundings.
  7. Promote Islamic learning centers for children and adults.

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[custom_headline type=”left” level=”h4″ looks_like=”h4″ accent=”true” id=”” class=”” style=””]Our Leadership[/custom_headline][dropcap]O[/dropcap]ur organizations’ new orientation have dictated its change in leadership. Senior members’ endeavors and courage for the last 20 years smoothed the path for the new generation. They have accomplished their mission in creating the solid foundation within the community. Such foundation is the starting point for the new leadership to continue following elders’s steps and learn from their experiences. Thus the new direction is bringing fresh ideas and new strategies into achieving our main goals. To view a diagrammatic overview of our organization, please see the the file here. Below are some of its main objectives:

  1. Establish an open-door policy with community members without restriction.
  2. Listen, value and take into account community members’ ideas and proposals.
  3. Make of MICA the converging point for all other Murid community centers.
  4. Empower other Murid community centers throughout the US and providing them the tools, resources and support needed to perform their mission in the most appropriate way.
  5. To establish regular daily prayers, Eid prayers
  6. To give Shahadas
  7. Broaden MICA’s relationship with other religious communities and government entities.
  8. Build bridges of communications with our neighbors.
  9. Raise funds for the acquisition of a new Murid Islamic Center in New York with all desired amenities (a library with a large reading room; spacious prayer halls; a day care centre; a first aid clinic with the support of Harlem Hospital; an education center for children and adults etc.)

Many have been achieved but a lot remain to be done. We do believe that achievement is only possible with the support and help of the Murid community. We acknowledge the great contribution of the Murid community who is very meritorious for being at the forefront of all MICA’s achievements. The newly elected bureau is very grateful to the indefeasible support of the Murid community, at difficult moments, that has been crucial for the renewal of their trust.

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