[custom_headline type=”center” level=”h4″ looks_like=”h4″ id=”” class=”” style=””]SERIGNE ABDU QADR MBACKE:
FORTH CALIPH OF MURRIDIYA (1988-1989)[/custom_headline][line id=”” class=”” style=””]

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he most widely shared feeling in the Senegalese Muslim community, at the evocation of Shaykh Abdu Qadr Mbacke’s caliphate, is indeed bitterness. As the forth caliph of ShaykhSerigne Abdu qadr Ahmadu Bamba, he only spent eleven months at the helm of the Murid community. One cannot get away from the feeling the Murid community has been deprived too soon of a foster father, so generous, useful in all meanings.

We still firmly believe that when one evokes the circumstances surrounding his birth: a Friday night in 1914 at Daaru Alimul Kabir in Ndame reinforces the impression of an unfinished symphony. As soon as he heard the glad tidings, Shaykh Ahmadu Bamba summoned his brother and right hand man, Serigne Thierno Ibra Faty (Mame Thierno) of Daaru Muhty and charges him with the mission to handle everything. Before his departure, and after giving his benedictions, the Master  told to Mame Thierno: “ In the name and Baraka of the new born you are going to pay a visit, be aware that every person you will meet or see on your trip (round trip) is preserved from the hell fire!”

 Thus, since his birth, Serigne Abdu Qadr began embodying that strong hand with which, Shaykh Ahmadu Bamba set about and overcame all obstacles standing between the creatures and their salvation. His influence has always been beneficial to others. In words and deeds, he has always heartedly incited his fellowmen to exclusively worship Allah (swt) and follow the Sunnah of his prophet (pbuh).

People, in a way, saw in him the reincarnation of Shaykh Ahmadu Bamba, for he bears most character traits of the Shaykh. Examples in that support this are abound.

His mother Soxna Aminata Bousso is the daughter of Serigne Bussobe, an uncle of the Shaykh. So, he would have been the Sheikh’s nephew, had he not been his son. From this lineage, he inherited a profound piety; his lifelong Imam position is illustrious proof of such piety.

Besides, since the return to Allah (swt) of Muhammadu Fallilou Mbacke in 1968, he has been leading the prayers at The Great Mosque of Tuubaa. He mastered the Qur’an very early, under the supervision of Serigne Ndame Abdurrahman Lo. Then, he went to Guede to study Religious Sciences, which he completed under the supervision of Serigne Modu Deme, a great scholar who aka “Alimu Soodaan.”

The striking resemblance with his father was not only moral, but also physical. Same frail silhouette, humble attire fitting well their asceticism, similar swift pace, especially when heading to the mosque. Their character traits revealed their mark of serenity and reflected the same candid love for their fellowman, but also the same fierce determination to shun any kind of compromise in the service of Allah (swt) and his prophet Muhammad (SAWS). The same divine ray of light illuminated their compassionate vision for mankind.

His profound filial piety made Serigne Abdu Qadr pay frequent ziarra (visits) to the shaykh’s family members’ mausoleums as well those of his great disciples.