Sixth Caliph of Muridiyya (2007-2010)

Affectionately called Elhaj Bara, he is the namesake of Muhammadu Al Ameen Bara Mbacke, son of Shaykh Ahmadu Bamba. For, he was born during the visit of the latter at his father’s, Shaykh Muhammadu Fadl Mbacké. He father sent him sooner to his namesake’s who gave him an excellent education. He memorized the Quran and learned calligraphy under his supervision. He also ensured his complete training inSerigen Bara religious sciences. He returned to his father after spending many years with his namesake to further his spiritual training. At age 82 Serigne Bara opened the grandchildren caliphate era following the return to Allah (swt) of Serigne Salihu Mbacke, on the 28th of December 2007

Emulating his father vis-a-vis his relationship with the owner of Tuubaa, he traded his filial bond with his approved discipleship. He was also his father’s confident. His profound affection and commitment to his father and spiritual master was indescribable.

Dedicated to his father’s services, he came to play many important roles as charge de mission, positions that require qualities like abnegation, commitment and courage. He performed several times the small pilgrimage (Umra) to Mecca. A fluent speaker of Arabic and French, Serigne Bara was also an open-minded and insightful person. A man with great organisational skill put to the test, on several occasion, as the leader of his family. Very entrepreneurial, he was a close collaborator of Serigne Saliou and served as his chauffeur for seven years, the same way he was very attached to Shaky Abdul Qadr Mbacke and escorted him to Friday mass prayers at Tuubaa great mosque.

He was visible, together, with his siblings and disciples during the prep seasons and harvesting seasons on Serigne Salihu Mbacke’s Xelcom farmlands. He never missed a Friday prayer since the opening of the great mosque in June 7, 1963. His generosity and honesty were very well known.

Shaykh Elhaj Bara was very committed to the family of Khadimu-r-Rassul and showed profound respect, devotion and gratefulness to his predecessors and has been a successor of his universal message. A hard working men and unifier, Shaykh Bara was always committed to the spreading of Shaykh Ahmadu Bamba’s legacy. Since he became the leader of his Shaykh Muhammadu Fadl’s family, his took the Kahzu Raja together with his siblings and disciples, to a whole new level.

May Allah (swt), with the grace of Muhammad (pbuh), the blessings of his grandfather, Shaykhul Khadim, and the baraka of his spiritual master Shaykh Muhammadu Fadl Mbacke, reward his endeavors towards the shining of Islam’s flag and the legacy of the founder of Muridiyya. He departed from this world in 2010 after a fulfilled three years at the helm of the Muridiyya organization.