Seventh Caliph of Muridiyya (2010-Date)

 Serigne Moktar MbackeThe successor of the late Serigne Muhammadu Lamine Bara Mbacké , 6th caliph of Muridiyya is Shaykh Sidy Muqtar Mbacké. He is 86 years old and is famous for his committement to Islam in general and he Muridiyya in particular.

The new caliph of the Murids is a grandson of Shaykh Ahmadu Bamba Mbacké from his father Serigne Bara ibn Khadim-r-Rassul who is the namesake of the late caliph. Shaykh Sidy Muqtar Mbacké was born in 1924 in Mbacké Kadior (district of Daaru Musty), a his­toric village of the Muridiyya. It is in Mbacké Kadior where his father Serigne Bara Mbacké used to go for his spiritual retreats. Shaykh Sidy Muqtar Mbacké has been trained in the field of mysticism. He is also a hard-working man, and the various activities in which he operates such as farming and cattle breeding are proofs of his investments in the work of Serigne Tuubaa. He was until then the second personality of Muridiyya, after the late Serigne Muhammadu Lamine Bara Falilu Mbacke.